Mcdvoice Survey at win free gifts Nowadays many companies are willing to know their customer’s opinions regarding the products and services offered by them. And the best way to reach out to the customer’s opinions is by conducting a survey. The information provided by the customers will be used for the betterment of services and product offerings which will lead to business growth.

Like many other companies, McDonald’s also welcomes its customers to share their views and opinions, through a Customer Satisfaction Survey. As we all know McDonald’s is the largest restaurant chain all over the world but most of the people are not aware of Mcdonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. And, here we have provided the complete details and instructions regarding the McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Mcdvoice Survey

Restaurant McDonald's
Survey NameMcdvoice
RewardCashback , Burgers
Validity30 Days
LanguageEnglish , Spanish
RequirementReceipt Number
CountryUSA / Canada
Customer Service No.1-800-244-6227
Age15 Years & Above

McDonald’s has introduced a voice survey to know whether the customers are satisfied or not. The McdVoice Survey is conducted in online mode. The McDonalds Voice Survey consists of a few questions which are framed based on the experience of the customers. The customers need to answer all the questions genuinely based on their personal experience at a Mcdonald’s store.

Through the McD Voice Survey, the management will be able to know the opinion of the customer about their staff, service, and quality of food. Some of the questions may also be based on the environment at its stores such as cleanliness at the food serving area and at the restrooms. The McD Voice Survey mainly aims at knowing the genuine feeling of its customers when they have visited one of the stores or restaurants of McD.

The feedback collected through the McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey will be used to make the customer even more happy and satisfied during their next visit. And the feedback information will also be used for the development of the company in all aspects. At the end of the day, McD wants to see its customers happy and satisfied with the service offered.

Take Survey  or Give Feedback

All About McDonald’s


McDonald’s was founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino,  California, USA. McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue, serving over 69 million customers daily in over 100 countries across approximately 36,900 outlets as of 2016. Although McDonald’s is known for its hamburgers, they also sell cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes, wraps, and desserts.

Products are offered as either “eat-in” (where the customer opts to eat in the restaurant) or “take-out” (where the customer opts to take the food for consumption off the premises). “Eat-in” meals are provided on a plastic tray with a paper insert on the floor of the tray. “Take-out” meals are usually delivered with the contents enclosed in a distinctive McDonald’s-branded brown paper bag. In both cases, the individual items are wrapped or boxed as appropriate.

mcdonalds food

Time Required to Complete the Survey

The survey is conducted only for a few minutes. It will not take any longer time to the customers. McDonalds Voice Survey consists of some simple questions which can be answered in a few minutes.

McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey

In order to participate in the McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey and to share your views on it, you will require the following things:

  1. A pc or a laptop or a mobile device with internet access.
  2. A working printer.
  3. A recent McDonald’s Canada receipt with a survey invitation on it.
  4. A basic understanding of English or French.



  1. Visit the McDonalds Official Survey Website
  2. Choose your preferred language (English/Spanish).
  3. Enter the restaurant or store number.
  4. Also, mention the restaurant or store which you have visited.
  5. Enter the date of visit, time of visit, and amount spent.
  6. Carefully read and answer all survey questions genuinely.
  7. Submit the survey
  8. Print your coupon.

After the completion of the survey, customers may receive the coupons or they can win some free food from McDonald’s. Either food will be served at a discount or for free. Sometimes customers may also receive a surprise gift or may not win anything. The customers will receive a validation code after completing the survey. The customers need to take out a print of it or they can write it down on a piece of paper. This validation code will be used to redeem the special offers at McDonald’s restaurant.

The special offer that the customers receive for completion of the survey is valid only for a month. This a benefit offered by McDonald’s to its customers for participating in the survey. The Mcdvoice McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey report is used to meet the expectations of the customers by providing them the tasty food and a better experience on their next visit.

Want More Rewards? Download The McDonalds App

Apart from the rewards in the survey, you can get many other discounts and offers by downloading the McDonalds App from the play store or app store. The company constantly provides new offers and discounts for those you download their official Mcdonald’s app.

Here are the links to download the app

Play Store (Andriod): Download
App Store (iOS): Download

McDonalds App

As you can see in the above picture, various offers such as the above ones will be offered by the company on a regular basis. You might not find the above offers by the time you download the app, but we can assure you that you will find similar offers to this.

McDonalds Food: What To Try Next Time?

So just in case, you are wondering what to eat on your next visit to McDonald’s, here is a list of items that are our favorite, and also rated the best all over the world, so consider adding these to your wish list.

  • Double Cheeseburger
  • Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese
  • BBQ Ranch Burger
  • Bacon & Cheese Quarter Pounder
  • Premium Grilled Chicken Bacon Clubhouse
  • McDouble
  • Southern Style Crispy Chicken Sandwich
  • Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger
  • Big Mac

McDonald’s Nutritional Calculator

Ok now that you’ve had your favorite Mcdonald’s food, let us know how much nutritional value you have consumed. McDonald’s, on its official site, provides a nutrition calculator, using which you can know, the number of calories, total fat, total carbs, and proteins.

It is very crucial to know the nutritional value of the food you are consuming. This allows you to calculate how much less or how much excess you’ve consumed on a day to day basis. We recommend you have to consult a dietician to know how many calories, fats, carbs, and proteins you must consume. This will depend upon your body fat, body type, and so many other factors

Ok so, here is how you can access the McDonald’s Nutritional Calculator. Here is a link to visit the Nutritional Calculator portal. The below interface will appear on the screen after visiting the link.

McDonalds Nutrional Calculator

These are the nutritional values that will be calculated: Calories From Fat, Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Dietary Fiber, Sugars, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron. You just have to select the items you’ve consumed and the total nutritional value will be displayed on the screen.

McDonald’s Customer Care

If you have any doubts or queries about this survey or about the rewards. Then you can contact the customer care team of McDonald’s and they will help you out. Here is the number that you contact

0208 700 7500

You can also find the answers and help for yourself by visiting the official site of McDonald’s. Here is the link of the page where you can find answers for all the questions about common topics such as Arch Card®, Restaurant Locator, Amenities & General Restaurant Questions, Employment and much more. Check out this link: McDonald’s Help.

This is all about the McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey. If you still have any doubts or questions regarding the McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey that you want us to address, ask us, through the comments.

Thanks for visiting our site:)

62 thoughts to “Mcdvoice Survey at win free gifts”

  1. I am unable to complete the survey because the receipt is super faded and unable to read code. I do, however, want to tell you that the McDonald’s on 9021 Will Clayton Pkwy always makes mistakes on the orders. Today they did not give my husband the milk with the happy meal nor the bbq for the 10 PC nugget meal. When I called several times they always let a vm answer. Zero response from these people! Horrible!! Never going back!

  2. I visited the 6930 w.alternate Panama City Beach FL. Very clean store and Chassidy was so very nice and friendly. Good job. Great food.

  3. Came thru drive-thru this morning after 7:30am the lady named Linda was rude to me. I asked a question and she said no hatefully to me. Someone like that doesn’t need to be taking orders.

  4. Very nice employees good service. The short little girl that works the food window in the morning most of the time is so nice and respectful. The young shorter guy that works the money window is the same very nice and respectful.

  5. This whole process is for the birds. It’s bad enough that I don’t use the computer much and after going thru all the hoops I’m not allowed to take your survey because I don’t have a printer. So thanks for nothing McDonalds. Being old with limited resources, I guess I cross McDonalds off my list of places to go.

  6. I went thru drive up. Ordered and paid for bacon, egg and cheese mcgriddle. When I got home and opened the sandwich, I received a sausage biscuit.

  7. Your restaurant (612) on Broad st in Richmond, VA definitely was a disappointment. The drink machine was out of diet drinks and the young man at the counter said they could do nothing about it. For folks with a sugar problem, that is not good -especially after they pay for their drink. The lobby was dirty as was the ladie’s room. My receipt was so faded out that I could not take the survey – KS # missing as well as most of the survey code.

  8. I stopped at your McDonalds Charlton City, Mass. They screwed up my order so bad I wouldn’t go back if the food was free. The girl taking the order was doing me a favor. She so much as told me that’s the way it is.
    Take it or leave it. I ordered a sausage muffin no egg. She charged me full price. The first muffin had no cheese. The second muffin looked like someone took a bite out of it. The third muffin was right. I asked for a refund for the difference and was told that was the price. I am 80 years old I don’t need this kind stupidity.

  9. I went through the drive-thru the Personnel were very friendly my food was on time it was hot and pretty tasty congratulations to the McDonald’s in Marshfield Missouri

  10. Unable to fill out survey due to ink be to light. Very faded. This goes on a lot.
    Love the classic chicken sandwich and the coffee.

  11. Ordered the qtr pounder cuz the guy said that’s the one they cook when ordered well got up to window and it was ready? ?OMG THAT FAST? ? Well now I know why wasn’t cooked raw meat really! !!! Also ordered mocha frappe got iced coffee what? ?that’s $8.00 I will never get back. Won’t be going back to any McDonald’s sick of all the mistakes they have

  12. I couldn’t do the survey but i will say i really miss the stryform large cups. it has stopped me from coming to McDonalds a lot since that happened.

  13. I attempted to register for an acct and the temp pw I was given didn’t work. Now my acct is frozen and needs to be reset. What do I do now???

  14. Wasn’t able to take survey,was wanting to let McDonald’s know Isis Williams was very helpful in West Memphis, Ar taking orders on kios.

  15. Joann was very friendly kind curtious.
    Did a great job didn’t waste time . She was
    Very helpful. A pleasure to have around.
    She is at the McDonald’s in Poinciana.
    Great store to eat at .I would recommend
    Other people to eat there.

  16. McDonalds #34797, survey code did not print out completely.Too many steps to actually complete the survey and download this and print that. Visit regularly, Mc Muffins were OK, but the medium orange juice was significantly watered down. Service is always good, even when they are busy, but its a 5 mile roundtrip to return the juice is
    not worth it…

  17. I had to pull aside just for a vanilla latte , waited 15 minutes then I was told machine was broke , I was given my money back , I should of at least got a coupon for waiting so long and waiting so long in line also ! Just rediculous their so slow at this location outing in a double line didn’t make it any faster , I expected at least a free breakfast sandwich or something !

  18. Love my McDonald’s on 50th and Broadway in Tampa Fl management and staff are very friendly if mistake is made (which sometimes happens) they are quick to make it right I come in the morning time usually cashier in front Justin and Stephanie always bring a smile to my face way to go McDonald’s keep up the good work

  19. Will not let me put some of the numbers in when trying to do the survey. This has happened several. time in the last month. Can anything be done when this happens?

  20. I think McDonald’s is one of the best corporations and the mcdonald’s in Hazelhurst,MS have the best employees always friendly

  21. Store Locator 25. 316 W.Main St. Hillsborough N.H. 03244
    Went at 10:24 am. Ordered coffee and sausage McMuffin.
    Service by our cashier and server, Julie, was top notch. She was
    Very friendly, and fulfilled her job very competently. She came out to talk with us
    And asked how everything was, to all in our group. We enjoy this branch of
    McDonalds, it’s never been disappointing. Julie helps make it a pleasant experience.

  22. I’ve been a regular customer of this particular McDonald’s for about 3yrs. I just wanted to say how much they try and do still care for the customer first.

  23. Tried doing the online survey can’t read the code .bought two dinners atStore 6630 on2-24-19 very good food and very hot please send me a coupon to my email thank you

  24. Today, 28 Feb 2019, McDonald’s Restaurant #10608 at 1990 Sutton Lane, Sutton, WV 26601, phone 304-765-2665.
    Wife & I, tired after work, decided to try Mushroom & Swiss rather than cook. Two mushroom & Swiss and a large fry, ticket 1395 KS#13, 5:15PM, Survey Code 10608-13950-22719-17152-00129-4. Disappointing to say the least, but the worst was RAW HAMBURGER. That’s not only stupid, it’s just plain DANGEROUS.
    I don’t want a coupon, I don’t want a call back, I don’t want an apology. Just fix the damn problem. This is not the first time.
    Rod Steorts

  25. I regularly visit McD #27377 on Bdway. I’m amazed by the grace and professionalism from Tamika Palmer. She ‘s a model for her team. Would you please acknowledge her in the best manner for her wonderful service. All customers are made to feel special because of Tamika. Thank you Mc D for having such a fine professional to represent your high standards.

  26. Trying to take a mcd survey is ridiculous I’ve been on six pages haven’t even started a survey. I. Done !

  27. 2 things…I have waited in line at drive up many times and many locations. Mostly in the morning. Some times more than 5-8 minutes…just for coffee! I suggest you put coffee machine at payment windows so that people who aren’t waitin for food can get out of line faster.once in awhile a bright cashier will see the slowness and use the lag time to go and get my coffee to hand it to me when I pay for it! That makes my day.
    2nd thing is the donut sticks. My celiac grandson is devastated that he can no longer enjoy the fries because of the cross contamination that happens when both are fried in same oil. Why not have one separate bin just for donut sticks. I’m sure there are many families who share this problem. My daughter can no longer bring her family of 7 there for a fun lunch…🥺😢
    Okay, I’m done. Hope you can work these issues out.

  28. Horrible customer service my first and last time comingnhere i did not know quarter pounder came with mayo so I returned my sandwich back to ask if they can make another with no mayo. I was rudely talked to by an employee saying ” For your Info it comes with mayo ” I can show you the recipe if you’d like . first of all there was a better way of saying it to me and not so rude like if I’m going to stand there and keep going back n forth with him

  29. The store in Edgewood, NM is filthy, the owner has to ask the “children” that work for him how to place orders, one young lady worker said the were under staffed but 3 over

    1. The workers were very friendly and polite. I will be coming back. Niguel, Chrisie, and Katie helped me with my otder

  30. I have patronized several McDonald’s restaurant in the Baltimore area. The small McDonald’s on Fall’s Road in Hampden, MD, is exceptional. This McDonald’s does not have all the amenities of other McDonald’s. What this McDonald’s has is exceptional customer service, grace with patrons even when crowded during lunch time, and a pleasant staff at all times. A shout out to this McDonald’s. This McDonald’s is what you want representing your organization.

  31. After a 30 minute wait, we finally got our almost mediocre food that had soggy containers. We will never return. Don’t recommend to anyone.

  32. The McDonald’s management team and employees at the Des Moines army post location should be proud of how they handled a customer that was in their store on 7/12/19 at 4pm. The customer wasn’t understanding that it was a restaurant and that they needed to wear clothes and not bring in other food from a different establishment. The workers and the head manager kept their cool and after trying to explain a few different ways the customer just wanted to fight and wasn’t going to listen. I just wanted the workers to know they did a great job handling the situation and not having it escalate where the cops would need to be called. Great job guys.

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