McDonalds Rewards

There are several methods to improve the services of the restaurant and make services better, but the customer satisfaction survey is the best process. All the popular food chains conduct feedback surveys from their customers. McDonald’s is conducting a study that will collect the feedback or their level of satisfaction, intention about the company, information about their premises, taste, and quality of the food, etc., and implement them. In addition to this, the participants will also get the reward points which can redeem in McDonald’s that give special offers. A validation code issued to the customer with the validity of 30 days when they complete the survey through which they got the best deals from McDonald’s restaurants.

Mcdvoice Survey

A customer can participate in a survey 5 times a month and claim their reward as per the validation code which they received from the site of McDvoice.

The rewards which McDonald’s offer to their customers mentioned below:-

  • Gift coupons or voucher received by the customers from the restaurant in which he/she got exciting offers.
  • Customers also may get free food from the restaurants and also complimentary items such as diet coke, French fries, etc.
  • Customers also take part in the sweepstakes survey after the successful participation in the McDvoice survey and get the opportunity to win a $100 gift card with a free entrance.
  • Some of the lucky customers got a chance to win exciting surprises from McDonald’s.
  • Customers also able to grab the BOGO (Buy one get one) as per the latest offer.

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