McDvoice Questions

Here are the sets of questions which is asked in the McDvoice survey to their customers. So that they get interacted with the customers to know their review regarding the service of the company. 

Through this company can know about the customer’s intention regarding the company, about the cleanliness of their premises, staff behaviour, what they ordered when they visit the restaurant, what item they loved most, etc. It is a form of direct communication between the customer and the company which helps in developing and fostering relations between the two.

It is an online survey and these questions are only available in These are the image shown below for better understanding:-


Question 1 at McDvoice survey.

The first question is about the order type. A customer asked to choose one of the options as shown in fig. Under this question “ Select the order type”.


Question 2 at McDvoice survey.

Here customer asks to rate their satisfaction level which they experienced at the restaurants.


Question 3 at McDvoice survey.

Again in this question customers ask to rate your satisfaction level by choosing a different option such as friendliness of the crew, quality of food, temperature of the food, taste, etc.


Question 4 at McDvoice survey.

In the 4th question, a customer asks about their experiences, intentions, overall value, speed of service, etc.


Question 5 at McDvoice survey.

Here customer asks to check out the items which they ordered at the Mcdonalds restaurants.


Question 6 at McDvoice survey.

In this question, customers ask about the problem if there is at the time of visiting the restaurants.


Question 7 at McDvoice survey.

The last question of McDvoice is “based on the visit, what is the likelihood that you will”. Check out the above image for better understanding.


This survey is only applicable to the United States of America or the District of Columbia.

The customer feedback survey consists of about 7-12 simple questions and is very easy to complete as such. Also, post completion of survey McDonald’s offers several freebies such as free Egg McMuffin Sandwich, Whopper or Quarter Pounder and other several surprises.